Hindko is the mother tongue of masses living in their familial zones or spread across the globe for earning their bread and butter. Hindko is a widely spoken language of North-Western areas of Pakistan, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Capital of the province is Peshawar, which can be considered as a hub of Hindko speaking usually called or known as the Hindkowan.Hindko belongs to the Indo-Aryan family of languages being used as a means of communication in sub-continent. Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Gojri and other Indo-Aryan languages are the sister languages of Hindko. A person skilled in Hindko can easily communicate his message to any otherperson who speaks any other Indo-Aryan language. Hindko is second largest speaking language in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while sixth largest language of Pakistan. One can neither ignore the importance of this language nor the value of the Hindkowans.

In order to express the importance of the Hindko and Hindkowans there was an immense need of having a Newspaper in the Hindko. Hindko really needed a Newspaper of its own to inform, to circulate the news, to provide different services and toentertain the Hindkowans. For this purpose, Gandhara Hindko Board (GHB) started to publish The Weekly Hindkowan. Mr. Muhammad Zia-Ud-Din is the founder honorary editor and Mr. Muhammad Noman Qayum is the editor of the weekly Hindkowan. It is a four-page weekly newspaper which is comprised of the most important news not only from Pakistan but from around the globe.There is a special section for the news from Peshawar. A full page titled “Editorial Page” is dedicated for the Hindko columns. The columnists from the entire Pakistan send their Hindko articles to be published there. In order to make it available around the globe it is also published online on: hindkowan.com. Not only the fresh editions of the weekly are available there but also the previous editions are archived online. GHB is in process of converting it from weekly to Daily Hindkowan Newspaper. For this not only the moral but the financial support is much needed from Hindkowans. Hindkowans are requested to read the Weekly Hindkowan by buying it.Weekly Hindkowan is the voce raised for the rights of Hindkowan, let Hindkowans get together to raise it above the skies.